If your favorite days involve spending time in your garden and you enjoy showing off the fruits of your labor, you are undoubtedly irritated by the outdoor pests and animals who would love nothing more than to steal or contaminate the items you spend so much time cultivating. While the obvious solution is to buy some pesticides, it's important to note that some of the chemicals that will get rid of pests can also damage the soil and its products. Therefore, it is important for every gardener to be aware of the following options for pest control that are safe and effective to use in the garden.   

Hot Pepper Spray

If you have ever bitten into nachos and instantly felt as if your mouth was on fire, you might already be familiar with Capsaicin. It is found in a variety of hot peppers, including chili peppers, and is responsible for that burning sensation that makes you want to gulp down your beverage as quickly as possible.  Hot pepper spray is a deterrent to many mammals and is safe to use on your plants. 

The same ill effects can be used to your advantage in your garden. First, combine water and dried hot peppers, before permitting allow it to just barely come to a simmer and then removing it from the heat. After it has cooled to room temperature, you have a solution that can be spread throughout your garden to repel many of the mammals who see your garden as an all-you-can-eat buffet.  If your garden is visited by stray animals or roaming pets, it is a good idea to consider fencing in the garden on all sides and its top, so those animals are not accidentally poisoned by the hot pepper spray.  

Killing Pests With The Right Plants

If you have some extra room in your garden or can easily provide extra room, you might not have to spray or otherwise apply a pesticide. Instead, you can opt to use basil to get rid of a variety of many unwanted guests, including mosquitoes, flies, and whiteflies.

Basil works because its strong scent is irritating to many garden pests and if you plant it in a corner or two of your garden, the mosquitoes and flies will find another yard to dine at. If you favor the idea of a spray that can be applied to the tops and sides of each plant, you can create one by mixing one part boiling water to one or one a half part fresh basil. Then, let is set for several hours and remove as much of the product from the leaves as you can and mix with vodka.  It can be placed into a spray bottle when its temperature has cooled down enough to do so safely. Then you can spray daily until you realize that your garden is safe again.       

In conclusion, pest control is always important and is a crucial aspect of having a hygienic yard and home. However, when those vile creatures put your family at risk by contaminating the garden, it's time to apply some of the safer options for pest control discussed above.