When you are in the business of growing crops, any problem that affects the amount of your harvest becomes critically important. One of the most prevalent of these problems for many crop farmers is invading wildlife that destroys crops in the field or damages those that are stored after harvesting. If you are one of these crop farmers watching your profits slip away because of damage from local wildlife, the following tips can help. 

Determine the species that is causing the problem 

The first step in creating an effective strategy for ridding your farm of pesky wildlife is to determine the species causing the problem. A good way to do this is to install some motion activated still or video cameras in the areas where the damage is occurring. By reviewing several days of these photos or video footage, you will quickly be able to identify the type of animal, how many animals are involved, and the timing of their rampages. This information will help you more easily begin plotting a solution to your wildlife problem.

Improve security and storage for stored crops

If the wildlife damage seems to be targeted toward crops that are already harvested and stored, farmers may be able to reduce the amount of damage by making it more difficult for the wild animals to access these areas. Good ways to do this include: 

  • inspecting storage bins, silos, and other storage areas to determine how the animals are accessing them
  • repairing screens, grills, or protective covers in these areas to seal off potential access points
  • cleaning up spilled grains or produce to make these areas less attractive to hungry wildlife

If you do not currently have a dog patrolling the area, adding one or more well-trained dogs to your farm can also be a good way to frighten away rodents, raccoons, squirrels, deer, and other animals that are known to be problematic for crop farmers. 

Consider professional animal removal services

When the damage from wildlife is severe or becomes a recurring problem, it is often best to call in some professional assistance to deal with the problem. Reputable animal removal services are trained and equipped with the tools and equipment to trap or euthanize problem animals humanely. When considering this type of service, take time to discuss your specific situation with them, including the type of animal, if known. Doing this will help them work more efficiently to rid your crop farm of problematic wildlife issues and retain more profit from the crops you grow and harvest.

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